Author: Joshua Leopold

All About Oil Based Varnish

In this section, you can read how the wood surfaces are coated with oil, how to prepare the surface, how the oil is applied. You will also learn how much the consumption, temperature, and humidity are needed during operation and drying. In addition, you will learn how to nurture more oil with coated surfaces. It is important to know how to apply oil based varnish so your woodwork can be beautiful and perfectly protected again. Save your wood furniture in the right way. Preparation of the surface before coating with oil Before coating, the wood must be dry, properly...

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Wood In The Interior

 Wood is a natural material that brings warmness to the home and regulates humidity, so it is equally present in cold and warm climates. It is especially popular during the autumn and winter days, as the interior is sown in wood, even in visual terms, it is completely protected from wind and cold. Modernly designed solid wood furniture is in a trend that perfectly complements the idyllic image of a warm home. If you want to enhance the impression of the natural environment and transform the modern apartment into a mountain hut, cover the walls with wooden panels that...

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Table Saw Maintenance

The one who harbors his work and the tool he needs to be ready to take care of the tool, that is to maintain it. When we need some tools we need to put it in a place where we can always find it, that is, it has its place. When we find it, it should be in a function, which means that after the previous work was cleaned, lubricated if necessary and sharpened. Prior to all maintenance and cleaning work, it is necessary to remove the mains plug. More extensive maintenance or cleaning work than those described in...

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The Best Coating For Wooden Doors And Windows

Before deciding on a coating, consider the effect you want to achieve and perform the preparation of the substrate well because that is essential. Before you start putting the new coat of protection, first you need to take off the current one that is damaged. You need to do this very carefully by grinding wood and joints. You need to make sure you took off the protective layer and maybe a little bit of the damaged layer of the wood but you shouldn’t take too much off. A special priming coating that regulates moisture in the wood should be...

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Kitchen Basics

Editorial I will be attempting to send out this newsletter on a monthly basis. Its purpose is to promote woodworking with a strong emphasis on kitchen cabinetmaking. The idea for the newsletter came about as a result of the many questions I receive via my “free advice” service through my home page. Many questions that I receive are identical and often there is a common thread. Subjects like cabinet refacing, refinishing, hardware sources, and cabinet building are often dealt with. I hope to address these common issues as I’m sure others are facing the same situations. I will keep...

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