Adria Woodworking Tools – Reproductions of dovetail and tenon saws, ECE Primus planes.
The Electronic Neanderthal – The most informative hand tools web site on the net
Oldtools hypermail archive – postings from oldtools mailing list
The Shepherd Tool Company – manufacturer of Norris style infill planes and dovetailed steel plane kits
Trinders’ Fine Tools – High quality old tools from UK
Louis Michaud’s Plans for Dovetail Plane
Hiraide America – good selection of quality Japanese hand tools
Tony Murland – british old tools dealer
Dieter Schmid – German company selling fine woodworking tools
Tool Bazar Home Page – British site with old tools and antique furniture
Bob Kaune – Antique & Used Tools
Alister’s list of tools for sale
Clark & Williams – Fine, traditional wooden planes
Tool Making Workshop – make your own hand tools
The Hen House – Antique Tools, Collectibles, and Craft Supplies
Kansas City Windsor Tool Works – The No.5 Windsor Beader
Dave’s Shaves – Reproduction Wooden Spokeshaves & Service
Diefenbacher Tools – US made chisels, gouges, paring, carving, and turning tools – John Gunterman’s Neanderthal info
H. Gerstner & Sons Inc. – fine wooden tool chests, you will need them for your hand tools
CRAFTS of New Jersey – Antique Tool Collector Organization
Emmert Vise Page
Millers Falls Webpage – company history, a bench plane page and a page on boring tools
Museum of Woodworking Tools
The MacLachlan Woodworking Museum
Grandpa’s Tool Chest – chisels, planes, measuring tools
The Galoot’s Progress – Tom Price’s Galoot Page
Martin J. Donnelly – high end old tools dealer
Tools’n Rules – Antique Tools and Rules
Country Workshops – crafts school, hand tools, books, videos
Robert Larson Company, Inc. – Woodworking Tools
The Fine Tool Journal – Old tools auction and a good reference for old tools prices
Patrick Leach’s Stanley B&G; – Illustrated guide to Stanley planes
Union Hill Antique Tools – Antique, Collectible and Ornamental Tools
Ralph Brendler’s Old Tool Page
The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc., manufacturer of high quality hand planes.
Early American Industries Association, EAIA
Ron Hock’s Hand Plane Irons, Hand Plane Kits, Tool Steel Information
Falcon-Wood: Your Source for Old Woodworking Tools
Jon Zimmers Antique Tools
Richard Burton’s Home Page – Shaving horse plan, Mockridge & Francis tool info
Cape Forge – Hand Forged Hand Tools
Ben Hobbs – teaches week long classes on building reproductions using hand tools
Hancock Shaker Village
The Wooden Clamp Journal
Antique Tools & Catalogs by Roger K. Smith
The Jointer’s Bench – Tony Seo’s web page
Thomas Flinn & Co. – hand saws
American Artifacts- Nice pictures of old, foot-powered machinery
Bob Brode – Tools for sale
Badger Pond’s Neanderthal Heaven – hand tools discussion forum
The Slippery Slope Home Page – Reference material on mitre boxes and hand planes
PAST (Preserving Arts and Skills of the Trades)
Japanese Handsaw Sharpening Service
Hans Brunner Tool Auctions – Australian Old Tools dealer
Bridge City Tool Works, Inc. – Quality layout tools
Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum – Japanese woodworking tools
Dick Fine tools – German mail order company
Tools Tools Tools – New and antique hand tools
Basic Woodworking Clamps – good information on clamping
Irwin Bits Manual
The World’s Largest SawSet Collection
Vintage Saws – vintage, Disston handsaws