Every woodwork has to have a protective layer over itself in order to minimize the possible damage of using it, of water, atmospheric conditions and time. No matter how old the woodwork is, the wood always “breathe” and over time it gets less and less moisturized which makes it easier to break and damage. The choice of the coating over the wooden surfaces depends primarily on the location of your home whose woodwork you are covering (mountainous, coast, urban surroundings…), but also of the desired look that you want to achieve.

Wood surfaces must be protected by different coatings, as atmospheric conditions damage them.

The wood gets old faster under the influence of sunlight, the surface is patinated and becomes silver-gray, and the dirt penetrates deeper into its depths. Atmospheric moisture and precipitation make the wood swell, and then during drying, it starts to shrink significantly.


These changes in moisture content in the wood result in a tension that can cause cracking of the wood itself, but also to cracking and peeling of the coating, which causes the coating to lose its protective function. In addition, large temperature changes affect the shrinkage and expansion of wood-preserving surface, thus increasing the possibility of peeling the coating (resulting in greater damage in mountain areas as daily temperature oscillations are higher).

What exactly happens to woodwork when you are not taking proper care of it?

Greyish spots, mold, and fungi also occur due to high moisture. That causes rotting, and the wood becomes useless in time, while the whitish and greyish stains are a more esthetic problem. Therefore, in order to preserve the vivid appearance and structure, the wood should be adequately maintained with appropriate means, since the most important feature of the coating for outdoor use, in addition to decorative, is the protection of wood from excessive moisture.


The constant exposure of wood to UV rays causes its degradation as well as the depolymerization, and in combination with frequent water (rain, snow, dew, air humidity), due to the high degree of air pollution that is often also very acidic, the protection and the wood is additionally getting weaker. Therefore, as soon as the first damage occurs on the coating, the wood must be restored because only this can provide long-term protection.

That is why it is recommended that at least once a year a detailed overview of all wooden surfaces is carried out, and special attention should then be given to the horizontal because they are more exposed to atmospheric influences from vertical surfaces and.

Depending on the region in which the object is located, take care of the sides of the world. In principle, there is more chance that the carpentry that is facing the south or west is ruined than the other carpentry. You need to take care of your wooden doors and windows properly so they can last a long time, and provide a protection for your house that you need.