There are many tips on how to paint furniture, and with a few tricks, a little patience and paint, you can really make your old furniture more beautiful. But following the recommended steps you will face many problems very quickly: the paint is peeled, the finish layer is not smooth, the balloons on the protective coating…

Have you ever been bothered by old furniture that has lost its luster and is no longer fashionable? With a little imagination and skills of old chests, tables or cupboards you can make very modern striking pieces.

Preparing the furniture

In many tutorials, it is claimed that the furniture grinding before painting is not necessary. Also, on many primers and painters, there is an instruction that it is not necessary to grind. However, the sanding of all surfaces with sandpaper is necessary.


Be careful not to damage the surface. The goal is to make the surface only a bit rough so that the base layer has something to “catch”. If there are old layers of paint on the furniture, it is necessary to use coarse sandpaper granulation and to sift in more detail. After that, you need to remove all the dust off your surface with a nice clean cloth.

Basic color – primer

Use a small sponge roller to apply the basic protective layer. Use the brush for the hardest parts available. Let it dry according to the canned instructions. When the primer has dried, squeeze the surfaces with fine sandpaper 220-240 and clean them with a cloth.

Painting your furniture

Apply three thin layers of semi-colored paint with a small roller. Wait between each painting to dry the layer. It is important to scrub the surface before the next painting if it has excess colors or wood residues and clean each time with a clean cloth. It is very important that the cloth be clean and remove any hardness before applying the finishing layer that is transparent.

Apply the finishing layer

Using a new roller, apply a thin, water-based shielding coating. Apply the coat very lightly so that there are no balloons and the surface is smooth. Let it dry for 72 hours before use.

How to make wooden furniture shiny

Your wood furniture will get a completely new glow. All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two teaspoons of lemon juice, and shake it well in a bowl. Apply on the cloth these ingredients and apply them to the furniture. Allow the wood to absorb for about 10 minutes and then again spray the greased surfaces with a clean cloth.


This oil does not stick and there is no smell, and these two ingredients are healthy, so you do not have to worry about having your inhabitants breathe in some of the harmful substances. This combination will clean your furniture but will also feed it. In addition, olive oil is a useful ingredient for concealing small scratches on the furniture.