The one who harbors his work and the tool he needs to be ready to take care of the tool, that is to maintain it. When we need some tools we need to put it in a place where we can always find it, that is, it has its place. When we find it, it should be in a function, which means that after the previous work was cleaned, lubricated if necessary and sharpened.


Prior to all maintenance and cleaning work, it is necessary to remove the mains plug. More extensive maintenance or cleaning work than those described in this area can be performed exclusively by qualified persons. Damaged parts, primarily safety devices, should only be replaced by the original parts, as parts that are not checked and approved by the manufacturer can cause inconsistent damage. After maintenance and cleaning, all safety devices must be put into operation and checked.

Replace the saw blade

Immediately after cutting, the saw blade can be very hot and there is a risk of burns. Leave the heated saw blade to cool down. Do not clean the saw blade with flammable liquids. Risk of cuts exists while the saw leaf is stationary. Use gloves when replacing the saw blade. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the saw blade during assembly. Use only suitable saw blades. In the case of unsuitable or damaged sheets of the saw, centrifugal forces may result in the explosive ejection of parts.

It is necessary to regularly remove the dirt and dust from the machine in order to avoid any damage, to corrosion, to breaking the blades or other parts, and to the dirt of the material to be used.

How to stay safe

The most important is that you should never stand in front of the line with a blade and that you should always unplug your saw when you want to change the blades. Important to remember is also to never reach your hand over a blade and to always wear eye protection. The following information is here for your protection. These rules are quite basic and if you want to use a saw they are something that should get under your skin because without basic knowledge you cannot be prepared enough to use and maintain a table saw.


First of all, you need to make sure that the fence is really good locked into place, and you need to check that after you set it in the desired width. You need to keep woodwork down with a firm grip while you push it past the blade. It doesn’t matter how much time you have, never push wood faster than the machine can manage to cut it. Never! That is how most of the accidents happen, and that is how your wood will get destroyed and will no more be usable. Not to mention, that is how you will damage your table saw, and that damage can be beyond repair.