Ryobi BT3000 is a contractor table saw. This saw is easily transportable, meaning you can take it from one job site to another easily. With this Ryobi model, you can cross-cut and rip 2x4s, cut plywood, Oriented Stand Board (OSB). But, you should keep in mind that Ryobi BT3000 is not good for finished cabinetry, but it is mostly used for rough carpentry.

Work in complete safety

The good thing about this model is that it has a spot on accuracy and amazing cutting performance. Also, a very good thing to keep in mind about this model is that it has really amazing dust collection. It gets about ninety percent of the dust because the blade is surrounded by a shroud that is plastic and under the table.

Work in complete safety

The Ryobi Table Saw has great blade guards, but apart from that it also has an easy to reach on/off button. It is a large and very easily operated switch and if debris and materials start flying around you will have no problems shutting off this saw.  The size of the off button and its wide surface makes it a breeze to put your hand under your table without losing your attention to what is happening in the work area.

The saw is very versatile

This saw has a table that can be detached and guides on its sides. It can also be set up to saw with the same precision on both sides of its blade. These tables can be detached and have a space for inserting a router. This helps eliminate acquiring different router tables. These extension tables can cost up to 140 dollars.

Here are some pros and cons for the Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw

Pros – It has a table that slides, which can be adjusted and by using this, you can make very precise cuts. Also, the rails on the side to which the fence is attached move. Because of this, you can cut wide pieces. The blade has a shroud around it and this helps greatly with the dust and its collection. It is very light and can be moved around easily. The fence can be locked on both front and back rails.

Work in complete

Cons – The saw is not as sturdy as saws that have iron cast based tables. Also, it lacks miter slots, though you can always add a couple as accessories. The motor might not be the strongest but it should be more than adequate for many different types of jobs. The rip fence does not lock with the face always. Very minor things but they are things you should know before making your choice to purchase it.

In conclusion

This Saw’s main strengths are its small weight and ease of transport. It also keeps to its settings while under heavy use. If used well, the Ryobi Table Saw can be a complete pleasure to work with. In time, this saw will become the contractors’ favourite for any type of short or extended work.