Wood is a natural material that brings warmness to the home and regulates humidity, so it is equally present in cold and warm climates. It is especially popular during the autumn and winter days, as the interior is sown in wood, even in visual terms, it is completely protected from wind and cold. Modernly designed solid wood furniture is in a trend that perfectly complements the idyllic image of a warm home. If you want to enhance the impression of the natural environment and transform the modern apartment into a mountain hut, cover the walls with wooden panels that are very popular this season.

Implement wood in your whole home

Except in the rooms, you can also implement the wood in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In these rooms, the floor is most often lined with ceramic tiles, and the carpet of thin wooden tiles or bamboo will not only work good for decoration, it will also heal you.


In addition, complete bathroom furniture, including a sink and bath, can also be made of solid wood which is coated with a special protective layer resistant to moisture. If you are in doubt about the color of the wood, the decorators advise you to go for a safer variant, which is bright colors, primarily natural colors of wood, as well as white and beige. Furniture from light wood can be placed anywhere because it visually does not burden the space like those dark colors, and is especially recommended for small apartments and rooms. In addition, with light wooden furniture walls, paintings and decoration come to the fore further.

Remove the scratches from the wooden furniture

Wood in the interior can work retro, elegant, modern, depending on our affinities, so there is almost no home in which there is at least one piece of wooden furniture, regardless of whether it is a bed, wardrobe, chests, chairs. ..


However, plain scratches, even very small, can easily damage the beauty of wooden furniture, so we are often forced to look for various solutions. Fortunately, there is a very efficient and natural way to solve this problem. You just need to use a simple but completely natural technique, and all you need is a walnut and a soft cloth because natural oils from this nuts will perfectly remove the scratches.

Removal of a scratch in three steps

Step One: To carry out the procedure, remove the nut from the shell, cut it half and rub it diagonally with a scratch.

Step 2: After the first step, rub the scratch with your finger to warm the surface, so wait a few minutes for the wood to absorb the oil from the walnut.

Step Three: At the very end, polish the surface with a soft cloth and scratches will no longer be traceable.

If you do not have walnuts at hand, you can also use almond or Brazilian nuts, and the procedure is completely identical.